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Deadline expired


The start date for submission of abstracts will be June 25, 2019

The deadline for the submission of summaries will be 10 December 2019

The Scientific Committee will issue the acceptance response by December 17, 2019



The Organizing Committee of the Congress invites all those interested to send communications for presentation during its sessions in oral or poster format. These communications should be sent to the Secretariat of Congress through the online form collected on the website of the 5th Congress of Physiotherapy and Pain created for this purpose, which also determines the format to be followed for its drafting and the rules for its submission once they have been admitted by the Scientific Committee.

The deadline for submission of summaries is December 10Th 2019. The Scientific Committee shall communicate the acceptance of the abstracts received to the lead author as a maximum date of 17 December 2019.


* Communications must be original and not presented at previous conferences or similar meetings.

* They will be on topics related to the field of Physiotherapy and Pain, following the context and motto established in this congress.

* Abstracts should include specific information on the results and conclusions of the investigation. Abstracts that say “the results will be discussed” will not be accepted.

* The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject work that does not meet the requirements indicated above by the quality and subject matter that the scientific event requires.

* Authors may choose their preference as to the form of presentation: Oral Communication or Poster. Ultimately, however, it will be up to the Scientific Committee to decide whether the summary will be selected for oral, poster or rejected submission. This decision will be communicated to the authors.

* Shipping: Abstracts will be sent exclusively through the ONLINE FORM available on this WEBSITE.

* Only scientific communications presented in accordance with the format and respecting the guidelines provided on this WEBSITE (Format of communications) will be accepted.

* The deadline for receipt of the summaries will be December 10 Th 2019.

Publication and reading of communications received after that date are not guaranteed.

* By December 17, 2019, you will receive by email the notification of acceptance or rejection of the communication with indication of the times and place of presentation.

* All the principal authors of the works selected for submission and advocacy in Congress must be registered.

* Only a maximum of 2 communications per author will be accepted, regardless of the chosen modality.

* Communications will be grouped by topics for exposure and/or defense. At the end of the presentation, the certificate of participation and copies will be given to the main author for the other authors.

* The authors implicitly accept these rules by submitting their submissions.

* The summary carrying identifying data (authors, centres…) will not be accepted; these will be indicated only on ALTA’s web form of the communication.

* Using this form, the Communication Summary (Word format) will be inserted.

* The title entered in the template (Word) and the title on the registration form (web) must fully match. In case of change, the one indicated on the form will be adopted.

* It is necessary to make sure that the email address entered in the form is correct, since after the shipment, you will receive in that email (the one you have indicated in the form) with the acknowledgement of receipt of the shipment and its reference number. 

* If you need to make modifications, corrections, or post-discharges in your communication you must send an email to


1. Title: The title should be short (maximum of 15 words) and specific. It must reflect the content of the presentation. Do not use abbreviations in the title. It will be written in uppercase letters in THE WEB FORM.

2. Authors: The name of the author submitting the communication must go the first IN THE WEB FORM and will be the contact person for the correspondence. There is no limit to authors per communication.

3. Center: Indicate the work center of the authors. If there are several, indicate semicolon spacing.

4. Text: The maximum length of text is 500 words. It will be written in lowercase. Unexplained abbreviations will be avoided. The contents of the scientific summary shall be written without repeating the title of the Communication and in accordance with the following scheme: introduction, material and methods, results, discussion and conclusions.

5. Keywords. It is mandatory to indicate a maximum of five keywords integrated into the DeCS – Health Science Descriptors.

6. Presentation preference: select the authors’ preference for the presentation format (oral or poster) on the form.

7. Only the title and text regarding communication will be entered in the template. It is recalled that the summary carrying identifying data (authors, centres…) will not be accepted; these will be indicated only in the ALTA form of the communication.


1. Oral communications

o The presentation must be submitted in digital format (powert point) by February 6, 2020.

o Oral Communications will have an unrepeatable presentation time of 10 minutes. At the end of each communication there will be a Question Time.

o For presentation, the room will have the usual technical means, a PC computer connected to a video cannon.

o The presentation will be made in PowerPoint ® format, for which it must be delivered in advance on computer support in the Audiovisual section of the Technical Secretariat at the first hour of the day.

o The number of powerpoint® presentation slides is limited to a maximum of 12. o The structure to be followed by oral presentations should be as follows:



Material and methods




2. Communications in poster format:

o The structure to be followed by the poster presentations should be as follows:



Material and methods




3. Certificates

o A certificate will be issued for each communication accepted and defended.