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New insights into the diagnostics in lower leg pain conditions

Lower leg conditions are common among running and jumping athletes. Traditionally, these conditions are regarded as pathological, and imaging is frequently used to make the diagnosis. Accruing evidence suggests that there is no pathology in athletes with lower leg pain. How should this affect our diagnosis-making in athletes with lower leg pain? A new approach to the diagnosis of lower leg pain will be presented which can be applied in clinic the next Monday.

Workshop: Is it time for a change in the management of shin splints a.k.a. medial tibial stress syndrome?

Research on the treatment of shin splints, presently better known as medial tibial stress syndrome, is based on pathological models. Recent studies suggest there may not be a pathology in most athletes with shin pain. New approaches to the management of shin pain will be explored using recent insights into the condition.

Marinus Winters

  • Marinus Winters is a Netherlands-based Sports Physiotherapist specialised in exercise-induced lower leg conditions. In addition to his clinical work, he is affiliated to the Center for General Practice in Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Marinus received his bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2010. He holds a MSc degree in Clinical Epidemiology, a MSc degree in Manual therapy, and a PhD degree in Sports Medicine.
  • His research focuses on the diagnosis, prognosis and management of lower limb pain, in particular lower leg pain.
  • He has published widely on musculoskeletal pain conditions, and is the most published author on medial tibial stress syndrome.